MUVi is an Australian MedTech startup providing ultraviolet and thermal disinfection technologies to healthcare providers across Australia and internationally.

MUVi is a spin-out company from Duplex Healthcare, the parent company, has more than 25 years’ experience supplying infection control equipment to aged care providers, medical centres, dental and veterinary clinics across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

Our Story

MUVi was born our of a relentless pursuit of incorporating international research, electrical engineering and practical industry experience.

The main purpose of its presence was to utterly disinfect and act a safeguard against human cleaning errors

MUVi has gone through several years of clinical trials and technological instigation.

Amidst the pandemic, our technology has been used in several hospitals in Wuhan, China.

Medical workers were using the lethal dose of UV-C to disinfect rooms and frequently-touched surfaces, including medical staff tea rooms, patient rooms, toilets, staff sleeping stations and even for the disinfection of medical equipment or medical staff protective clothing before removal.

Currently, MUVi is initiating a new tracking sensor designed for digital disinfection monitoring and alert system to ensure equipment and rooms are regularly disinfected.


February 1 2020

Wuhan Hospital Purchase

MUVi sent our first shipment to four Wuhan hospitals in Feb 2020

March 2 2020

Customer Acquisition

MUVi acquired few customers in Australia in some of the dental clinics and aged care facilities

April 9 2020

Hackathon Finalist

MUVi was in Top 3 finalist of world’s largest hackathon solving current problems around the hospital-acquired infection.

April 10 2020


Ready to start major longitudinal research study multi-phase UV trial in a major ICU Melbourne Hospital. Trial signed off and awaiting commence date.

April 12 2020

The Global Hack hackhathon award winner

Virtual competition 18,000 participants > 500 projects.

  • The event took palce online, from the 9th to 12th of April 2020
  • More than 500 projects designed to help the world to tackle the spread of COVID-19
  • MUVi had worldwide team members from Melbourne, Chicago, Estonia, India, Pakistan and Nepal.


The MUVi team stood in 3rd place with more than 100 competitiors for the Crisis response section


Reference: https://biomelbourne.org/australian-medtech-startup-made-it-to-the-finals-in-the-worlds-largest-covid-19-hackathon/

June 2 2020

EUVs Virus Hackathon Challenge Participation

20,900 people from the EU and beyond, 2150 solutions.


MUVi Estonia team participated in another pan-European hackathon challenge to be connected to civil society, ersearchers, governors, innovators, partners and investors across Europe in order to develop innovative solutions for coronavirus-related challenges


MUVi was recognised across the European Commission, the European Parliament and all partner networks:


Reference: https://euvsvirus.org

October 16 2020

Bendigo Health Accelerator (BHx) program

The Bendigo Health Accelerator (BHx) is the first regional health accelerator in Victoria.

MUVi was provided the opportunity to access a world class digital hospital to validate, test and potentially accelerate our startup into the health sector.


Reference: https://www.bendigohealth.org.au/bendigohealthaccelerator

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