With a busy lifestyle that we lead, childcare is becoming a more popular place to take children while parents are at work. It’s inevitable that many parents will have to send their children to childcare in their early years.

These early years of children’s’ lives are where they are building an immune system – where they are not ready to be bombarded by preventable infections that thrive in an environment where the young ones do not have the best hygiene practices.

Child care disease transmission prevention

So how can we protect our children from transmitting and contracting these infections? MUVi UV disinfection not only takes as little as 10 minutes for a small room, it can be used at night during the closure. As MUVi is not a chemical, it does not leave a chemical residue that could be of worry for parents. Although one of the most deadly flu seasons have just passed, its not only influenza that can be dangerous to children. UV disinfection kills surface viruses like a hand, foot and mouth disease, colds the flu viruses, chickenpox and more – keeping childcare workers, children and even their parents safe from opportunistic infections.

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