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Christmas 2021 Giveaway
Christmas 2021 Giveaway
Christmas Promo 2021 in MUVi website
Christmas Promo 2021

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RUVi ViRaTon Application Banner

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• The Christmas 2021 promotion is active from 17th November until 17th of December 2021. Offer expires 17/12/2021
• Each redemption must be accompanied by an original purchase for RUVi or ViRaTon. Purchase receipt must be dated no later than 17 December 2021
– Last day to submit claim form no later than 21 December 2021
• Submit valid, complete, and signed redemption form along with the original purchase receipt to your local distributor. Please contact head office for confirmation.
• For further information, call 1300 067 805 or email us.
• This offer is not valid with any other offer.