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Commercial Spaces Building Disinfection

Rapidly disinfect rooms between operations

Ensure the safety of your customers, staff and your business in commercial spaces during these tough times. Through a simple, single placement approach, MUVi technology can be used to disinfect your waiting/lounge area, rooms, kitchen, bathroom, surfaces and air, providing a lethal dose of UVC that is proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and superbugs in just one cycle.


Decontaminate rooms before & after operations

Ensure complete sanitation of your business premise, lounge or rooms before and after operations to avoid transmission of any invisible pathogens that might linger around the surface or air for hours. MUVi light zaps a proper dose of UVC that reaches the walls and is reflected back to the center of the room in a single placement.

Rapid disinfection between meetings

Decontaminate high risk areas

Surgical site infections responsible for 14% – 17% of all hospital-acquired infections and 38% of nosocomial infections in surgical patients. This makes it very important to keep the environment under controlled sanitation. MUVi can be used to monitor and disinfect highly operational rooms, ensuring the room, air and equipment are sanitised at all times.

kills 99.9% of viruses

Efficient outbreak management

Be prepared for any unfortunate outbreaks – outbreak cleaning requires attention to detail and ensuring all hidden areas or surfaces have been thoroughly sanitised. MUVi can ensure 0% of sites were still contaminated as it effectively and efficiently kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria within three seconds.

Disinfect, decontaminate, or sanitise


Lounge/Reception Area Decontamination


Kitchen Decontamination


Bathroom Disinfection


Staff Room Decontamination


Classroom Decontamination


Surfaces and Air Disinfection


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