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Rapidly reduce the transmission of viruses & pathogens

Ensuring Healthcare disinfection and decontamination at all times is of the utmost importance to prevent the spread of pathogens and Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). MUVi technology can be used to disinfect high-risk areas, rooms, equipment, surfaces and air, providing a lethal dose of UVC that is proven to kill 99.9% viruses and superbugs in just one cycle.

Rapid Disinfection Between Patients

Rapid disinfection between patients

Following patient discharge, sanitising room and equipment is required to reduce the risk of transmission before the new patient arrives. This process has to be done quickly yet time consuming and subject to human cleaning errors. MUVi makes this process easier and faster as it disinfects and destroys germs and bacteria with the exposure of germicidal light.

Decontaminate High Risk Areas

Decontaminate high risk areas

Surgical site infections responsible for 14% – 17% of all hospital-acquired infections and 38% of nosocomial infections in surgical patients. This makes it very important to keep the environment under controlled sanitation. MUVi can be used to monitor and disinfect highly operational rooms, ensuring the room, air and equipment are sanitised at all times.

kills 99.9% of viruses

Efficient outbreak management

Be prepared for any unfortunate outbreaks – outbreak cleaning requires attention to detail and ensuring all hidden areas or surfaces have been thoroughly sanitised. MUVi can ensure 0% of sites were still contaminated as it effectively and efficiently kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria within three seconds.

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