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Rapidly Disinfect Highly Touched Surfaces and Airborne Pathogens

MUVi can completely disinfect and destroy germs and bacteria with exposure of germicidal light. Below are the areas for the disinfection within the hospital:

  • Medical Exam Room
  • Waiting Areas
  • Consultation Rooms
  • Mobile Medical Equipment
  • Bathroom
  • Equipment Room
  • Surgery Room
MUVi Quad Light in Dentist Area-

MUVi Quad Light

Booth UV Disinfection

MUVi Booth

MUVi UV folding light

MUVi Folding Light

MUVI uv disinfection in patient room healthcare facility at hospital


Disinfect and decontaminate all rooms, equipment, and areas.

Exam room UV Disinfection with MUVi Disinfector

Exam Room

Equipment room UV disinfection with MUVi disinfector

Equipment Room

Clinic waiting room UV Disinfection with MUVi Disinfector

Waiting Room