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germicidal light

The germicidal and viricidal properties of UVC light has been demonstrated before, which makes it reasonable that our MUVi technology makes extensive use of it. We can rapidly disinfect a room or decontaminate mobile medical equipment on demand. It takes very little time before we’re done and the place/equipment is entirely sanitized and free of any viruses or bacteria.

The UVC light arm of the MUVi is specifically designed for ease of use and instant access to those hard-to-reach places where viruses or bacteria are. A correct UV light dose is required for the germs to die off, and so the UV arm is placed at the perfect distance for those effects to come into play.

CT Scan Room

How does MUVi technology work?

Our proprietary instrument for administering UVC meant for disinfection and decontamination is the Disinfection Booth. The reasons why you’d prefer using MUVi instead of other technologies are diverse, though they all come down to three things:

  • Ease of use
  • Guaranteed and demonstrated germicidal and viricidal properties of UVC light
  • Flexibility

Did you know, for instance, that there are over 200,000 HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections) every year in Australia? This costs the Australian healthcare system about 14 million dollars per year.

That is a very large sum that the healthcare system has to pay simply because its hospitals and medical equipment aren’t properly sanitized and disinfected. Either because of human error, insufficient resources or understaffing issues, those HAIs become a reality.

With the help of our MUVi technology, that could become a thing of the past. The Disinfection Booth is entirely customizable, which means you can decontaminate a wheelchair just as easily as you can disinfect a large hospital bed or high-risk medical equipment of varying shapes and sizes.