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Is Your Healthcare Centre Ready To Adopt The UV Technology To Treat Surfaces?

Leading healthcare centres around the world have been implementing advanced Ultra-Violet disinfection equipment to treat healthcare surfaces for Australian hospitals, medical centres, aged care, nursing homes and veterinary clinics. MUVi invites the medical centres and hospitals to participate in the trial program to specify MUVi equipment, creating awareness of the importance of adopting the UV-C technology.

Currently, the hospital surfaces are cleaned using the “spray and wipe” method with the cloths and traditional cleaning agents, which may present a risk to the patients in the premises. This human cleaning error is a major contributor to the infection rates in hospitals and medical centres, where the germs are transferring between facilities.

Muvi EquipmentAt MUVi, we provide solutions through utilising the UV-based technology to disinfect all type of surfaces in a safe and efficient manner without interrupting the hospital’s cleaning schedule and improve cleaning team productivity. The potential areas for disinfection in the hospital include the Dialysis, ICU units, Operating Theatre and many more. High traffic areas or shared public spaces within the medical centres, such as public waiting room, operating room, laboratory and common areas such as toilets, are ideal locations for the exposure to the UV-C technology for the total disinfection.

Best practices should be adopted by all health care facilities and medical centres. We are constantly nurturing with General Manager of Infection Control, Director of Aged Care and Nursing and Cleaning Services Manager to explore and witness the UV technology today to maintain the Australian Standards in infection control. The mobility of MUVi device is feasible so that it can be stored in the storage rooms and can be placed in the patient beds and the operating rooms overnight to eliminate germs that cannot be sterilised with the traditional cleaning method. The use of MUVi device will reduce labour and eliminate chemical usage, thus improve the cleaning regime significantly.

According to Murray McDonald – Director of MUVi, who stated that “with MUVi, we are able to tailor the facility requirements to accommodate the size of your healthcare premises and make valuable recommendations on the number of units required for each division and work with just a fragment of the yearly allocated budget for management and maintenance.  The implementation of a trial run for MUVi device can be integrated with the existing cleaning schedules to improve overall productivity.”

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