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The Answer to Complete, Rapid, Automated Disinfection Solution
For Airborne, Surfaces, and Equipment



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deactivates viruses in populated places


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automatically disinfecting rooms and air, killing viruses and bacteria

MUVi Quad

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the simplest technology that ensures rapid, regular disinfection

MUVi Booth

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rapidly disinfect equipment, 5 minutes at a time

Sustainable. Safe. Effective. Efficient. Tested.

UVC Dose

UV-C technology

Our range of UV technology delivers a lethal UV-C dose – just the right amount of strength needed to kill viruses and bacteria.

UVC Reduction Icon

Photon technology

Our latest breakthrough photon technology deactivates viruses by killing its protein cells, significantly reduce the risk of virus transmission in crowded places

UV Portable Design


Most of our technology is portable, easily transported anywhere (some may even transport themselves!)

UV Reach Radius Icon

No blindspot

MUVi technologies provide a thorough disinfection – intensively within the first meter and up to 6 meters of open areas

Disinfection Log Icon

Real Time Report

MUVi provides disinfection data and logs how many disinfection were made, length of each disinfection and dates through a secure system that is cloud-based

Scientifically tested UV Disinfection

Clinically Tested

MUVi technologies have been scientifically tested and tried on healthcare-related viruses and bacteria