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Our Technology

MUVi and UV technology has been scientifically tested on healthcare-related bacteria also child care and hospital environments.

It is essential for all childcare and aged care centers to maintain cleanliness to prevent flu and disinfection to protect the child and vulnerable patrons from infected surfaces such as floor surfaces, carpets, tables, chairs and all touch points.

MUVi provides guaranteed disinfection of equipment and surfaces as per the microbial validation report it has received. With the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, infection prevention is key to fighting the war against hospital-acquired infections.

Therefore, healthcare professionals need to ensure their chosen methodology for cleaning and disinfecting is a trusted and proven method for the destruction of bacteria and virus transmissions in the hospital.

MUVi – safe, effective and efficient.

  • MUVi delivers a lethal UV-C dose, which is the UV-C strength needed to kill hospital bacteria.
  • UVC reduction in bacteria by log4 amount.
  • MUVi provides its portable disinfection booth and mobile small equipment disinfection, including shadowed areas.
  • Any surface that is within 4-6 metres from MUVi’s light source, even in open areas such as bathrooms and patient rooms, will be disinfected.
  • MUVi provides disinfection data and logs how many disinfection were made, length of each disinfection and dates through a secure system that is cloud-based.


Here is a collection of some of the research and validation done on UV-C technology.

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