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Outbreak room disinfection

By May 21, 2020February 8th, 2024Blog Articles2 min read
Outbreak room disinfection

With the emergence of the novel COVID-19, the necessity for disinfection has peaked. This is where MUVi comes in – the Mobile UV Innovation technology we commercialize can act as a “disinfection booth”. It can neutralize any virus or bacteria on highly-touched surfaces and medical equipment through the use of UV light.

With viruses, there’s a patient zero and an outbreak location where the virus first spreads to another person. The same can happen to any other place where the virus might have entered. If you’re doubtful about the cleanliness of your home or any other location, MUVi is the best solution on the market!

HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections) are, unfortunately, very common, due to the inefficiency of the disinfection techniques that hospitals use. Human cleaning error is another factor that comes into play. MUVi acts as the ultimate safeguard against any remnant viruses or bacteria left on medical equipment or hospital beds.

Emergency Room Disinfection

Emergency Room Disinfection

How can UV germicidal light rapidly disinfect highly touched surfaces and medical equipment?

There are different types of UV light:

  • UV-A – this one will tan your skin and treat skin disorders
  • UV-B – is the one causing sunburns and skin diseases
  • UV-C – this one has germicidal and viricidal properties

UV-C has the unique property of disrupting the DNA structure of bacteria and viruses it comes into contact with. It will halt its replicating and infecting activities permanently, killing common healthcare infection causes such as VRE, MRSA, C. diff, Acinetobacter, and more.

MUVi uses UV-C to rapidly disinfect highly touched surfaces and medical equipment via a disinfection booth. We can alter its shape based on the size of the place or equipment you want to be disinfected. Thus, we can disinfect a wheelchair just as easily as we can disinfect a patient bed or a larger equipment piece.

Viral and bacterial disinfection becomes entirely accessible and thorough with MUVi!