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RUVI Disinfector


Join us for the launch of RUVi, the automated robotic UV-C disinfecting system.

Together with RUVi, we can ensure a higher automated standard of hygiene and protect our patients, customers, patrons, and staff from the risk of exposure and transmission of harmful bacteria, viruses and germs lingering in airborne particles, high traffic areas, or highly touched surfaces.

This superior, environmentally friendly, effective, and hospital-grade solution against COVID-19 and other pathogens is now accessible for every businesses.

RUVi features including:

  • Autonomous UV disinfection
  • Self-timing and self-programming robots
  • Intelligent path/route mapping and planning
  • UV-C 254 nm sterilising lamp effectively disinfect and sterilise
  • 360 degrees vision mapping system
  • Right to the wall and into corners
  • Proves the cleaning is done – auditing and verifying
  • Time saving and efficient
  • Automatic charging

Registrants will be provided ZOOM link on the morning of the product launch day.

Find out more on RUVi.

Collage of RUVI applications

Join us for the launch of Automated RUVi Technology! Register your interest now below: