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UV Disinfection Robot

The answer to HAI outbreak prevention
Autonomously and effectively disinfect rooms, spaces and equipment

Why use RUVi?

Humanless Disinfection Automation

Time to reduce the risk of microorganism contamination.

Stop Outbreaks on Premises

Prevent Healthcare Acquired Infections.

Improve Disinfection Process

Automate the disinfection without the need of labour manual tasks.

Delivering you better infection prevention

RUVI is proven to destroy bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that help reduce viral infection and save lives.

With our RUVi robot, we can ensure an automated process and correct dose of germicidal disinfection is applied on every time.

RUVI reduces the infection incentive and delivers the highest performance with the lowest overall cost of ownership

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How does RUVi work?

How RUVi works

Disinfects airborne and surfaces in minutes

with a touch of a button

A breakthrough technology in the world of disinfection automation. The RUVi delivers a rapid and most powerful, high-quality germicidal dose that inactivates pathogenic microorganisms that are airborne or on highly touched surfaces.

The RUVI is an autonomous robot designed to disinfect areas with minimal human intervention. A game-changer for healthcare, hospitals, schools, aged care facilities, offices and many more!

Powerful light disinfection

Powerful Disinfection

The ultraviolet disinfection robot uses UV-C ultraviolet light source that delivers lethal germ-killing dose to all airborne and surface pathogens.
RUVi breaks the RNA and destroys superbugs and viruses, disinfecting at more than 99.99% rate. With rapid
whole room disinfection in a single cycle, more germicidal power is delivered throughout the room, ensuring compete disinfection

Smart Automation Icon

Smart Automation

RUVi robot features an integrated monitoring system that ensures it’s always working at peak performance.
It automatically mops the room before performing a task to calculate estimated performing time, then runs automatically and operates tasks at designated areas, ensuring a faster and more effective disinfection system

Automated Reporting Icon

Automated Reporting

RUVi creates real time reporting at the end of the task to confirm adherence to planned protocols and compliance.

Some of the many microbes that
RUVI destroy and kill

Internationally and independently tested for efficacy

MRSA pathogen




VRE Pathogen




C Difficile

C Difficile

eColi Pathogen


Covid Pathogen




A RUVi robot can be the
answer to your infection
prevention needs

automatic scheduling of disinfection tasks
Superior UV-C Coverage Area
Multiple Levels of Safety
Touchless Control Icon
3 hou -continuus disinfection-icon
Reduce Human Cleaning error
Automatic Mapping
Eradicate Microorganism

How do you use RUVi

RUVI tracking
Step 1 Power Up

Activate RUVi before operating hours, during breaks or after working hours

Step2 - 5 mins

Turn on for five minutes

Step 3 Disinfect

Disinfect the room before the next session

Run. Track. Disinfect

Patient Bedroom Disinfection Route Map

Patient Bedroom Disinfection map

Hospital Area Disinfection Route Map

Hospital Area Disinfection Map

Create Your Virus Safe Zones

Hospital Area
Work Spaces Area
Restaurant Spaces Areas
Airports Train Areas
Commercial Buildings

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