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surgery with less risk of infectious complications

Cosmetic surgery, although generally less invasive than medically necessary surgeries, has a high risk of infectious complications. Even with stringent hand hygiene, medical equipment sterilisation and germicidal chemical disinfectants, there are still bacteria in the general environment including on high-touch surfaces. Surface bacteria and viruses can still be transmitted by the cleanest of hands and equipment.

surgery with less risk of infectious complications

No surgeon wants to help their patient, only to have to work with them through a serious contracted infection. In breast surgeries alone, 2-4% of patients experience cellulitis which can be higher in extremity surgeries.

So how can you protect your patients from complications?

MUVi UV disinfection not only takes as little as 10 minutes for a small room, it can be used between surgeries with little disruption. As MUVi is not a chemical, it does not leave a chemical residue that can linger for months. Your patients will love to know that they are putting their trust in a surgeon that takes their health and safety as seriously as they do.

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