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Meet the virus-buster

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Towards ZERO Viral Transmission

A Breakthrough Photo-electron Technology
24/7 Air and Surface Deactivation of Viruses

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Why use ViRaTon?

Aged Care Disinfection

Indoor Social Distancing is Difficult

Populated, enclosed spaces are at high risk of contamination.

Stop Viral Transmission

Deactivate viruses within indoor spaces, 24/7.

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Aged Care Disinfection

Create a Safe Zone

For you, your patients, staff, customer and your business.

How does ViRaTon work?

Deactivating Viruses from Docking into Human Cells

Deactivating viruses from docking cells graphic diagram
Prevents ACE2 receptor binding

List of Viruses that
ViRaTon deactivates

Internationally and independently tested for efficacy

Avian Coronavirus
MSPhage Virus
Influenza Virus

The Science of Photo-electron Technology

Internationally and Independently Tested for 99.9% Efficiency

Cell virus proteins

A breakthrough technology in air and surface disinfection, ViRaTon operates by releasing trillions of negatively charged photo electrons that collides with the negative-seeking spike proteins of viruses anddamage the spike protein binding mechanism. This will then deactivate the viruses and prevent them from infecting humans, reducing viral transmission in the air and on surfaces.

Three Benefits of Technology

Attacking the Spike Proteins

Viruses are tiny protein structures that are invisible and spread through droplets or aerosols – they con-sist of Spike Proteins (S-Proteins) that cover the outer surface and when exposed, will enter host cells. These positively charged proteins attach to negatively-charged walls of a host cell and form a ‘bridge’ that enables the virus to enter the host cell where it replicates, releasing other virus particles to spread the infection and multiply in the host’s cells.

Deactivating the Binding Mechanism

Inactivation of the S-protein means preventing viruses from binding to human cells. The hypercharged photo electrons produced by ViRaTon will overflow the targeted areas and collide with any existing virus spike proteins and physically deactivate the virus – so that it cannot bind to human cells.

Protecting Planet

ViRaTon can be safely deployed in all indoor environments inhabited by people. It does not use any chemicals nor does it produce harmful ozone gas or other harmful compounds, which is safe for the environment

Transforming the way of safe
human interaction

ViRaTon is designed to disinfect and protect populated areas, preventing viral transmission occuring during social interactions.

It’s a game-changer for indoor spaces, healthcare facilities, public transport or stations, educational or professional institutions and more!

Patient Safety and Patron Safety

Patient, Staff and Patron Safety


Our solution is proven to deactivate viruses and will help reduce viral transmission to save lives, Request our whitepaper to find out more about laboratory research and trials.

Continuous Disinfection

24/7 Continuous Indoor Disinfection


ViRaTon ensures safe indoor interaction at all times with continuous photo-electron disinfection even during peak foot traffic.

Financial Impact

Financial Impact


This safe, continuous, and reliable disinfection technology provides a solution that delivers highest performance with the lowest overall cost of ownership.

Safe. Secure. Simple.

Disinfection has never been easier.

24 hours 7 days protection

24/7 Additional
Protection from Air & Surface Borne

Neutralise Protein Spikes

Corona Spike

Safe to use among people

Safe to Use
Among People
at All Times

Energy Efficient


Chemical-free and odour-free

Chemical-free and

Suitable Indoor Spaces

Suitable for
All Indoor

Easy to Install Plug and Play

Easy to Install
Plug & Play

Classified UL Licon

Product Safety


Create Your Virus Safe Zones.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities.

ViRaTon at School Classrooms


Viraton at coworking spaces and offices

Co-Working Spaces

Viraton at shopping centre

Shopping Centres.

Viraton at places of worship

Place of Worship

Viraton at Public transport

Public Transport

ViRaTon at canteen and kitchen areas

Canteen Areas.

ViRaTon at foyer area

Entrance Foyer

Viraton at public areas

Waiting Room

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